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13 November
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Somehow i find this to be the word that best describes myself.
Some would say it's a fault...

i guess you would see it differently
if you understood my interpretation of the word.
So here we go.

Naive. Some dictionaries describe it as
an "excessive gullibility,"
which to me makes it sound like we're idiots.
Ever notice how the word "naive" is associated
with both gullible and innocent?
See, naivete is not a flaw, nor is it an attitude;
it's a perception.

It's not that we believe anything we're told...
we just don't want to believe
someone would deliberately lie to us.
Being naive is wanting to trust people,
trying to ignore the fact that our world is bullshit,
closing your eyes to all the lies, the crimes;
it's living in your own little, perfect world.
It's thinking that people will be nice to you
if you are nice to them.
It's believing in true love, in fate.

...it's dreaming.


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