dianne (moonbend) wrote,

well, lookie here...

they say a picture is worth a thousand words...


now i know for me, this shot brings at least one word to mind...


man, you thought the entry before last was a shocker... try THIS one on for size!
yup, that’s my hand all right. as of march 18th, 2005 at 11pm or so... i’m ENGAGED!

...and thrilled, to say the very least!

isn’t it bee-yoo-tee-ful?
i LOVE it!
and i LOVE him!

and he is gonna KILL me for posting that picture!
and i don’t care! :D

also, while i’m in a picture posting mood, here’s a few shots of the most recent addition to my apartment:

that’s griffin. he’s a cutie. i found him on petfinder.com, just a few mere miles from my fiancé... [hehe. i love that. SO weird, but in a totally good way!] so after a thorough screening by e-mail, they gave me the thumbs-up, and he came riding into town the same weekend as my engagement. exciting weekend, huh?

so for now, that’s most of what’s going on with me...
i guess that’s enough, eh?

i won’t say life is perfect, because whose is?
but well... it’s pretty darn sweet.

...like him.

heheee, twice in one post! i RULE!
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needless to say i didn't see that coming. :)

i hope you stay just as happy as you are tonight.
thanx rach!

yeah, more people MIGHT have seen it coming if i updated my journal more than once every 6 months or so... silly me.

i know i WILL stay this happy... he makes me happy, so it shouldn't be too difficult!
thank you sweetie!
Wow, that is mad weird to me. Diane and Barry gettin married...you know this makes you high school sweet hearts. Why is everyone married/gettin married?! It's crazy! I feel like the world's growin up around me but I'm still a kid.

Oh yeah...almost forgot, congratulations! :-)
ISN'T it weird though? very good weird, but weird just the same!

we were trying to decide if we were high school sweethearts or not, since we didn't actually date while in high school... the interest was there, the timing was just off. but it HAS been a long time coming... we just had to get there!

crazy indeed... makes ME feel old too! but trust me, we're still kids too. it's funny, it seems so natural for this to have happened to us, but it still makes me feel old when OTHER friends of mine get engaged. and you wanna talk about REALLY feeling old... some of them are already havin' babies! (ahem, sarah formerly-winningham dobbins!) whew...

and thank you much, fori! :)

(so you got the rock and the kitty - usually it's one for the other)
isn't there an elite club for us engaged people?
do we have a secret handshake or something?

c'mon man, you gotta fill me in...

[...and yeah... i guess you could say we're unconventional in that way.]
i was wondering when you'd post a picture of your ring! :-) it is bee-yoo-tee-ful. i can't wait to see it in person. congrats once again!!

love you and miss you.
i know, it took me long enough, right?
had to load all the pics on my computer and such... plus, we all know i'm slow.

thanx again! you were so sweet to call... i can't wait till you get to see it in person, either!
love you and miss you bunches... you and miss meg need to come see me in the ATL, pronto.
Congratulations, Di - that's fabulous! We share the same engagement day! my precious
hehe - i KNOW!
i saw your post with your pretty ring the day after it happened (and i was all, "dang, LA's done gone and stole my thunder!" hehe... just teasin' ya) but i didn't want to say anything to you until i had the chance to tell you about mine as well! but now that i have...


i am SO happy for you! isn't it exciting?

man, we are quite the pair... mentioning these boys once or twice on our journals, and then springing an engagement on them! you'll have to e-mail me with all the details if you get a free moment. i know those are few and far between for you these days... but i wanna hear about it!


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago

Hey hey, nice rock! Congratulations to you both.
id'n it purdy? ;)

thanks much, paulie!
Dianne-Congratulations! That's great; I'm so happy for you!
thanks katie! :)
I already had to post one "holy cow" message to Leslie Ann and now it looks like you're gonna get one too!


The ring is beautiful, and you guys make such a great pair!

And Griffin is adorable, he's so sweet!

WOW! You and Leslie Ann, both engaged on the same day! What in the world!!!!!

hehe, thanx say-rah!
i think we make a great pair too!

and what are the chances of LA and me getting engaged on the same DAY?! i saw that in her journal the day after it happened and couldn't believe it!

yeah, griffin's a sweetie. still hasn't figured out how to retract his claws, but he never uses them on me... just to claw up the side of my new sofa. ::sigh:: but he's a very friendly kitty, and it's nice to have the company.

well, ditto on the holy cow when i got the e-mail with that picture of sweet little jack! oh, and i just NOW got your e-mail with your snail-mail address (my e-mail was being squirrelly), so keep your eye on the mailbox...

Re: again, HOLY COW!


13 years ago

Diannie! WOW! I am so excited for you! That is magnificently amazing and soo wonderful! Congratulations! Beautiful ring, beautiful boy, and as always, a beautiful girl. I wish you the best, update SOONER with DETAILS!
thanks, cutie-pie!
what a sweet message from a sweet girl. ;)

more details to come, once i figure them out... promise!
damn straight.

hehe. :)
hi di!

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! ive already told you that like 800 times, but i wanted to say it again!


and hey, if i wasn't the first to find out (besides your momma of course), don't say anything, i'd like to keep thinking that i was! love you! meg.
hi meg!



and you actually WERE the first to find out besides the parents, and i'm not just saying that... even my GRANDPARENTS didn't hear till after you did... silly momma and her away messages.

love you too!
Congratulations!!! That's so wonderful!
I'm so excited for you both!!!!!

*big hugs!*
thanks sweetie! i'm excited too!
now i've gotta start planning...
you know how that is - sounds like you've had fun with it!

let me know if you've got any helpful hints... :)


13 years ago

So how'd he do it?
Oh, and congratulations.


13 years ago


13 years ago

Wow! What's it been, like a year? More? Really glad to hear it Dianne. You and Barry are great peeps and you'll be very happy together. And on that note I (literally) just ripped my pajama jammie jams and so I'll end this message with the obligatory congrats!

--- Katy
well, thank you katy my dear...

now where have you gone? if you still get the e-mails to let you know about my comment, give me a call or drop me an e-mail sometime and let me know how you've been. i'd love to catch up...


much love.

p.s. - sorry bout your jammies!
hi! umm... i was just wondering... how did you change the "post comment" thing? yours says "penny for your thoughts"... hope you could help me... thanks. =)
aha... well, looks like someone else already gave you the secret. :)
sorry i didn't respond sooner!
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