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my web design project deadline got postponed yet again...
some things just never get old.
::sigh of contentment::

so, time for an update!
let's see... well, since nothing too major happened last week - at least not that i can remember - we'll just jump forward to the weekend. friday was good - nothing due, since both of those projects had gotten postponed as well... i love when that happens! had a quick gospel choir concert friday evening to open for some guy who was speaking in honor of black history month, and that went well. then i was lucky enough to be paid a visit from iames and adam, who came bearing the new adobe creative suite. hurrah for free software that would otherwise be outrageously priced and completely out of the question for this little design student. and double hurrah for good friends who have access to that software... despite disc 2's inability to perform, even under duress. but hey, if i've lived this long without it, i'll most surely manage - anything i can get is more than i had before, not to mention greatly appreciated!

not long after they left, the boy arrived for the weekend.
...yes, di had a v-day guest.
shocking, i know.

now, don't worry... i have most certainly not forsaken my previous view of the holiday [see last year]. HOWEVER... seeing as he offered to drive down, and swore the visit had nothing to do with this loathed annual celebration, how could i refuse? so meg, i apologize for not making an appearance to sample "love potion #9, but i had a prior engagement...

the weekend was definitely enjoyable... it was spent being thoroughly spoiled, in spite of my protests... which i guess wasn't all that bad... and laid-back weekends spent in good company are always a wonderful thing. went grocery shopping and then cooked dinner saturday night [yep, i COOKED!], and didn't poison anyone that i know of... my roomies helped me out by decorating the dining room while we were cooking... lucky for me, i live with martha stewart and friends, so it looked loverly!

it was a mah-velous evening...
and hopefully... i know at least on MY part... a mah-velous time was had by all!

had another gospel choir performance sunday at the moses hogan memorial concert - it went REALLY well, and all the groups that performed did an amazing job... i was floored by tuskegee's concert choir - all black, all acapella, all damn good. whew. apparently they practice two and a half hours a day, which accounts for part of it, but at the same time, there's no faking good solid talent and they definitely had it.

since then, it's been nonstop project mode for me... not a BAD thing, just busy! finished linoleum block print #2, and turned in my image II signage project. no rest for the weary... well, until now. yup, i do believe that bed is calling me. ::smile:: hope you're having a great week, and hopefully that update was enough to tide you over for now...

goodnight, moon.
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Love the candles. I don't even own that many. Good show. (sidenote: after I called you, I called Ballard and wished him a happy V-day as well, saying, "I hope yours is as good as a blow job on the chunnel." Apparently it wasn't.) Anyway...I assume the cause is still being fought for...however if V-day was good for you...then by god...I'll let it slide because it sounds/looks like things went well indeed. I have faith the end of the battle for the cause is at hand. :Þ I love you girlie!!!

yeah, with 11 girls in the house, and my astounding collection, it adds up to several thousand candles, so it was no problem. i need to call ballard and wish him a chunnel blow job [very nice, by the way... new favorite phrase.] haven't talked to that boy in too long.

yes, my v-day was good... glad to see yours was as well. as for the cause... well, the end of the battle is nowhere in sight, and probably won't be for a damn long time, but if it makes you happy to think so, then by all means...

i'll try to give you a call tomorrow evening, k?
much love, katybug.

...aaaaaaand bite me. ;)


February 18 2004, 15:13:05 UTC 14 years ago

"The boy", huh? Nice to have a name, or title that is:) A wonderful visit with exceptional company. Always worth the drive. Just as I rocketed the TN line on sunday I plowed through about 8-9 inches of sled worthy snow. Jealous anyone? Made it back just in time for my Recording Technology lab that day. Everything went well, got the mix down for a song although we have to come back next week and create an overdub for the track. A tambourine might be a good idea since it requires less backbreaking transportation than a whole drum set. Well, onto Business Law for the the evening. Adios.

-"The Boy"
uh-oh... the boy reads my journal? hmph. interesting.
good to know it was worth the drive.

snow schmow. jealous? me? never.
k, i'm done.

can i play the tambourine?
pleeeeeeease? or maybe the triangle?

never hurts to ask.



February 18 2004, 23:05:49 UTC 14 years ago

so now I get replaced by "the boy," damn that sucks.....Mr. A
oh, c'mon mr. anonymous...
no one could ever take your place!
trust me, you're in no danger of being bumped out.

and if you quit commenting, so help me i WILL figure out who you are, and when i do i will hunt you down, and believe me... you do NOT want to know what will happen when i do.

consider yourself warned.
it's just occurred to me that i've never seen your house since you design queens took it over. it's a shame - as at least SOME of the ideas were my very own....promises broken, even those of the "i'll send you pics" variety, are just sad.... and i am very definitely missing my FROG in this picture - is he still in the LR?? Point here? Send your mother some pictures of the house, puhlease!! Schpanks!
hey diannie.. you have a beautiful-icious apartment.
Hi! Beautiful, Dianne!
It's me, the old sayrahlynne, back in action. So re-add me to your friends list, K?