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you know, all this pressure to come up with a clever subject line...
i mean really, what is that about?
well, i'm leaving it blank this time. what a rebel i am. ::smile::

so let's see... got my thank you notes finished, so now i can post!
oh, whatever will i do with all this newfound freedom?
i know! since i'm sure you're all dying to know, i'll tell you about my weekend.

:: friday ::
lovely day... finished my first printmaking block. i'm very pleased with the way it came out - i'll be sure to scan it in and post it, probably later tonite or tomorrow. it's fun to do... a very graphic fine art, which is a nice switch from drawing class for ME, who is not so much the fantastic drawler, no matter how much i like to do it. but i'm glad i didn't psyche myself out about it, cause for now, i'm thoroughly enjoying it.

ran into kennerly in the printmaking lab, and we decided that the girls needed to have dinner this weekend, so friday night she, christin, kel, libby, leslie, and i... and brad - hey, it was ALMOST all girls - had dinner at beef o'brady's pub. this was followed by a rousing game of catch phrase back at eagle point #14, which resulted in all of us yelling, screaming, and getting excessively hyper. made a trip to wal-mart in this condition, since we wanted to play cranium, and while some of us DO own the game, none of us had it in auburn. while there we were serenaded by a cute little old greeter named charles who is apparently making a commercial sometime this week with his "wal-mart jive" in it... which he performed for us... let me tell you, that man could get down. those commercials with the wal-mart greeters... well, turns out they really do exist. we headed back to the apartment, played a game of cranium, and then it was home to bed.

:: saturday ::
what did i do saturday?
woke up about noon... was gonna do laundry. didn't. was gonna work on homework. didn't. thought i might go to ATL to shoot some pictures. didn't. went to breakfast at IHOP with a few of my BBH girls [anna, courtenay, & maureen]. one of the waiters there told us we looked like we were in a band. we debated breaking into song, but ultimately decided against it. came home and did squat for most of the day. make that all of the day. was completely worthless. yay me.

:: sunday ::
woke up about noon again. went up and shot some photos of the outside of the new art museum for a project i'm working on. after a quick trip to wal-mart with the rest of the last-minute superbowl partiers, came home and realized i'd forgotten about work. ran to the plainsman office, finished my ads in record time, and got home just in time for kickoff. made rotel and watched some great commercials [loved the chevy one with the kids getting their mouths washed out, the iTunes/Pepsi ad, the lays one with the old people, and several others which i can't remember at the moment...] not gonna mention janet's nipple, because personally i kinda think that's already gone kinda overkill on the airplay as it is. damn. i just did.

paul showed up for a visit just in time for the fantastic finish. man, i wasn't even really rooting for either team, but what a game! and who better to share it with than paul and his magic bag'o'krystals? gave him a moonlit driving tour of campus, as well as a thorough tour of biggin hall. then we came back to my room, checked out some of my design & photography stuff, and talked until the wee hours of the morning. cannot EVEN believe he drove back to FSU at 2:30am... i could barely stay awake long enough to brush my teeth. it was well worth it, though... paulie's just one of those friendships that could never be replaced. we never seem to run out of things to talk about, and i truly cherish every minute we spend together - what an amazing spirit that boy has. marvelous.

:: monday ::
the day began w/ critique in printmaking... laroux said my print was "beautiful." hurrah! not too shabby for my first one... now we'll just have to see if i can keep it up. had a long discussion w/ drew in image class about how we both want dogs. for some reason i feel like i've been talking to a bunch of people about that recently. wonder what that's about. not much else exciting... worked on a web design for electronic media. gotta revise it for tomorrow. watched average joe with the roomies... i swear, i am a ridiculous television addict at school, and i have NO idea why. i mean really... average joe? what would even possess me to watch it once, much less get hooked on it?

which brings us to today...
class 9-11:45am, work 12-2, and then walked with court and anna from 2:30ish till about 4:15, or thereabout... and we walked 6 MILES! all over town... a good portion of that uphill... 6 freakin' miles! i mean really... who does that? it was great. seriously, i thought i'd be exhausted, but i guess with all the adrenaline or endorphins or something... i was ready to go! hyper as anything when we got done. couldn't feel my arms, since i was in short sleeves and it was only about 50 degrees tops. not to mention my fingers were so swollen i couldn't even open the back door. it was pretty funny. i think i'm gonna do it again tomorrow.

we figured if we do 2 times that distance, we could walk a half marathon. you think?

and dammitalltohell... ditzy roommate temporarily forgot this evening that you cannot run the dishwasher and the microwave in this house simultaneously - it WILL blow the fuse. thus, with the flipping of switches in the fusebox and such, my power went out while i was at gospel choir, and the VCR i had set up to tape my shows only taped half of one of them. gah. annoying as bloody hell. make fun all you want, but i get cranky when i miss my gilmore girls.

well, spose that's about all for now. i should hope so... this is long enough for one night.
sweet dreams and much love.

sidenote :: would have posted this all about a half hour ago, but just had a random deep conversation with our newest BBH roomie addition, kim. wasn't expecting that this evening. all religious and philosophical and stuff. man. that's good stuff. love it.
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