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for howie...   
08:31pm 12/01/2006
mood: cough-y
ok, so this is my "real" post...

although it won't be as long as i'd like, because i've got a bit of a cough, and i'm trying to get to bed early tonight. famous last words, coming from the girl with absolutely ZERO self-discipline when it comes to bedtime...

usually 11:30 rolls around, and you'll find me wrestling with my conscience about watching that second rerun of sex and the city on the WB. it's the eternal cycle with me... never want to go to bed, never want to wake up. somehow, late at night, it's so easy to forget how crappy you felt when your alarm woke you a mere 15 or 16 hours earlier, that moment when you were so rudely awakened by "linus and lucy" coming from your cell phone... a song that at any other time of the day would sound delightfully cheery, but somehow, when played at 7:30am, just doesn't quite have the same effect... and you cursed internally and swore that TONIGHT would be the night you'd go to bed at a decent hour. and yet, come 11pm... there you lie, all ready for bed, and somehow unable to drum up the willpower to turn off the television. go figure.

at least that's what i do.

but tonight...
tonight will be the night i do it. really.

i've got some packing to do first... i'm headed home this weekend to go wedding dress shopping! yikes! exciting, huh? and it's the first time i've been. we've been engaged since MARCH, and i still haven't tried on one single dress. well, this weekend, that's all about to change. i've got 2 appointments on saturday, and one place that doesn't require an appointment, and then another place to go on sunday. mom's coming with me, of course... she's been my wedding secretary through all this, so that's been GREAT... and caroline's going to come too! now all i have to do is get myself home tomorrow.

i'm just hoping i can kick this cold/allergy/whatever the hell it is before then... if i continue in the direction i'm currently headed, i'll be out looking at dresses and cough up my lung onto one of them, and then they'll probably make me buy it, and what if it isn't the perfect one? what then?

not to mention the fact that i'll then have lung stain all over the front of my dress, and i'll have to like bedazzle my initials on there to cover it up... which i was SO gonna do anyways... so maybe this cough is a good thing after all.

let's just hope the lung gets coughed onto a dress that's reasonably priced.

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coming out of hiding to participate   
10:27pm 11/01/2006
mood: accomplished
ok, i know, i know...
you don't have to say it, howie.
i know this doesn't count as my post for the week.

but iames tagged me.
and i NEVER do these things.
but i liked this one.
so there.

List your six current favorite songs, then tag 6 friends to do the same.
I was tagged by: iamesw

.1. big lights = judd & maggie
.2. philosophy = ben folds
.3. mistakes = robinella and the ccstringband
.4. if i were a weapon = suzanne vega
.5. northern sky = nick drake
.6. the way we get by = spoon

I tag:

not all of those that i tagged update their journals on a regular basis (hey, lookie there, the pot's talking again!), but we'll see how the turnout is.

i had planned to do a real update tonight too, but now it's bedtime, because i'm an old lady now.
sad, isn't it?

so hopefully more later.
love to all.

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how to annoy me.   
07:15pm 25/07/2005
mood: working
method 1:
be a giant tree in my parking lot. drop a huge glob of some sappy substance onto my car roof/front passenger window to greet me when i walk out to my car this morning. ick.
method 2:
start a business. locate said business in the basement of your home. make the ONLY available bathroom facilities adjoin your office, so that every day, you can listen to your employees as they go about an entirely different type of business. seriously. which one of us should be more uncomfortable?
method 3:
pull out of the publix parking lot with a car full of people in your boat of an old-person-car, having looked left, looked right, and then pulled out into traffic, not bothering to look left again until you are directly in front of me and i have stood on my brakes, sending everything in my car flying into the floorboard, while laying on my horn and throwing several thousand daggers at you with my eyes. in response, you look up in total shock and shrug, mouthing “i’m sorry.”
yes lady, i too am sorry. that you never learned how to drive.
method 4:
sit in the corner glowering at barry because we’ve left you alone for the past 12 hours, and proceed to urinate on my carpet, you spoiled rotten little cat. i love you to pieces, but so help me, i will skin you alive and hang you from our third-story balcony by your hairless little tail if you do that again. we will NOT be punished for having a life outside of this apartment. someday, in the very distant future, we will have children for that. for now, for the love of all that is good and holy, let us enjoy our youth.

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at work, and bored...   
12:07pm 20/07/2005
mood: bored
so why don't we have a little livejournal post?

how has everyone been?

i've been keeping up with all your goings-on for the most part, so at least i know how YOU are. i mean, c'mon, while i'm at work, i check my friends page at least ten [thousand] times a day. not that i don't do any work, mind you. i do plenty of that. i mean hell, it's damn hard work forcing myself to forget everything i have been taught for the last 5 years, while singlehandedly SQUEEZING THE LIFE out of design as we know it. part of my job is actually helping to formulate ads for a website that could eventually put people like me out of work by letting the client piece together their own ads. granted, i do the layouts that go on the site, and in theory it keeps me from having to make menial revisions to the same ads over and over, but there is always SOMETHING going wrong with that damn site. luckily, i've kept myself comfortably distanced from the programming aspect of the site [which is more than i can say for my poor intern]... i swear to god, the minute my boss tries to teach me how to program that site is the minute i start looking for a new job.

...not that the job is bad. my boss is really easy to get along with, and i really like my coworker. [notice the singular. i told you the company was small.] and some days i get to work on fun projects. however, right now, i'm working on generic advertisements for used car dealers. you know the ones... yes, the obnoxious ones. the printed equivalent of local low-budget television commercials.
you see, this is where the killing of design comes into play.

but despite all that, i'm really not unhappy where i am. not that i'm ever really unhappy anywhere, but it could always be worse, right? i came into this with no expectations, so i can't be let down. and i know it's just a first job, and it's not permanent. for now, i'm content. really.

as for the other aspects of my life...
my apartment is still wonderful, and i still really like atlanta, in spite of the fact it's been underwater for the last 2 and a half weeks. the city, not my apartment. luckily vinings seemed to avoid the whole paddling-a-canoe-around-my-second-story-window scenario i caught on the news last week. once it dries up, maybe i'll actually be able to get out and DO something. this weather just makes me want to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a book.
or with a blanket and a barry.

...which i've been able to do anytime i want recently. thanks to circumstances beyond our control, b & i are currently "living in sin" at my apartment. he's working as a teller at suntrust by day, but when night falls, he magically transforms into SUPER AEROSPACE APPLICATION MAN! for serious, if anyone out there knows of ANYONE hiring aerospace engineers, let us know. at least with my profession i get to design my resumé and send it to a human being... apparently all the aerospace companies out there have resorted to the machine method; resumés get submitted through an online form which then goes through a search engine on their end that has a word bank of sorts, and the computer pulls out any resumé with those words. a person never even sees most of them. and apparently, barry's resumé doesn't contain the right words at the moment.

i'm beginning to suspect that the magic word must be something like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, because what the hell?
maybe the magic words are just, "hey, i know joe blow. he works for your company. he knows i'm a good guy. give me a job."

and even IF they ask him to send his transcripts,
most say it will take 4 weeks, six weeks, eight weeks to "process your transcript."
it's ONE PAGE.
hi moron, you could read that forward, backward, upside down, and sideways 5 BILLION TIMES in eight weeks.
i know people are busy and all, but... ONE PAGE!

::sigh:: frustration abounds in that department.

however, if unless he happens to land a job at lockheed in marietta, which would just be too perfect, it will mean he could be moving to god-knows-where, which will mean i will be living in ATL looking for a job wherever that may be, and he will be wherever, and not with me. so for now, i'm just enjoying his company, because it's a hell of a nice contrast with the weekend visit schedule that we've had for the last year plus. i love having him here. i get to see him every day... how lucky am i?

...and i think i'm done journaling for now, because i'm hungry. it IS lunchtime, i suppose.
maybe i'll be able to keep journaling a bit while i'm slacking at work, but i'm not making any promises.
however, i DID enjoy this, though i'll probably be the only one to get enjoyment from it...

so maybe it'll happen again sooner than i think.
...then again, maybe not.

stay tuned...

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well, lookie here...   
11:11pm 29/03/2005
  they say a picture is worth a thousand words...


now i know for me, this shot brings at least one word to mind...


man, you thought the entry before last was a shocker... try THIS one on for size!
yup, that’s my hand all right. as of march 18th, 2005 at 11pm or so... i’m ENGAGED!

...and thrilled, to say the very least!

one more picture of my preciousssss... and a few other thingsCollapse )

so for now, that’s most of what’s going on with me...
i guess that’s enough, eh?

i won’t say life is perfect, because whose is?
but well... it’s pretty darn sweet.

...like him.

heheee, twice in one post! i RULE!

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pictures, as promised   
07:27pm 03/03/2005
mood: accomplished
...buuuuuut, instead of putting them all on this site and subjecting you to cut tags and/or lengthy friends pages, i'm just going to put a smaller version of one of them on here, and you can click on the text below it to link you to the others.

EDIT :: ok, scratch that. you couldn't SEE those pictures. cut tag it is.

pictures of me with brown hair. pictures of me with my new glasses. pictures of me with the boy.Collapse )

...however, still none of the apartment. i have a few, but i've made modifications since they were taken, so i'll have to take some more. you'll just have to wait a bit longer, i'm afraid. hopefully this will tide you over till then.

for now, i'm off to get some food. yum.

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and with a wave of my little white flag...   
08:17pm 28/02/2005
mood: updated
...i'm officially crawling back out of my dark hole.
at least for the day.

figured i had to emerge eventually.
or maybe this is just my pathetic attempt to stop the teasing for the time being.
you be the judge.

now let's see, where to begin... what's been going on with me...

well, first of all, i graduated. finally. cum laude, no less. granted, it tried to kill me somewhere in the middle of my last semester, but hey... i made it! what a long, strange trip it's been... blah blah blah. i don't know, i think the oddest part of it all is not necessarily the fact that i'm done with college, but more the fact that life at auburn is still going on in spite of my absence. i had this same weird sense when i graduated high school... you know, that when i left, not only would that part of my life draw to a close, but that all aspects, events, other lives in relation to that life would cease as well. not actually die, so much as just stand still indefinitely.

but on it goes...
as do i.

spent the first month after graduation at home, finishing up a couple of freelance jobs i'd been working on, and doing a half-ass job of getting my portfolio in order. for some reason i thought it was going to get organized on its own. like those elves that made the shoes in the middle of the night, only these would be like little artsy gnomes whose only purpose in life was to fix the portfolios of aspiring young designers stuck in a state of post-graduation confusion.


anyway, i got an email from the art director at a really small ad agency in atlanta... she was leaving the agency, and was looking for her replacement. she had gotten in touch with one of my professors, and he had given her my name. i went down for an interview the next week, and by that weekend, i had a job! i didn’t even APPLY for a job! pretty incredible.

so, i came down here to train the 2nd week of february, found an apartment that weekend (not easy, let me tell you), and here i am, in my 3rd week of being an ART DIRECTOR. whew. granted, the prestige is all in the name, since the work hasn’t exactly been what you’d call fantastically creative as of yet... mostly newspaper ads for banks and brochures for medical centers... woohoo... but i’m working! i even got my first paycheck today!

it’s all still pretty surreal... i keep feeling like any day now, i’m going to go home for “spring break” or something. still hasn’t set in that my home is now here in atlanta. stranger things have happened, but for me, this is right up there.

...aaaaand while on the topic of stranger things, there’s something else i should probably mention.
i’m taken.
it’s true. dianne has a boyfriend.

now, i know what you’re thinking. i’m pretty perceptive, y’know. for example, i can instantly deduce that when someone hears the name dianne in the same sentence with the word boyfriend, jaws will drop, confused looks will cover faces, words like "how" and "why" and "quick fred, get the children in the minivan because the world is obviously coming to an end" will immediately fly out of people's mouths.

but really. the world’s biggest commitment-phobe has spent the last 10 and a half months in a state of complete bliss and ridiculously silly girlish-ness. and she couldn’t be happier.

i shan’t go on, for fear of nauseating the vast majority of you,
but suffice it to say that he is my most favoritest thing.
i am the luckiest, no doubt about it.

oh yeah, and i have brown hair now. (as of august.)
and new glasses. (as of december.)
and a fan-freakin’-tastic apartment. (as of 2 weeks ago.)

all of which i should have pictures of, but for the moment i do not.
maybe in another 6 months or so...


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01:30pm 02/11/2004
mood: determined
ok, i KNOW i haven't updated in a million years.
and i hate to disappoint, but i'm not really going to now.
suffice it to say that my life has been insanely busy, and insanely wonderful.
the update will come, but most likely not until after i turn in my graphic design senior project on the 11th.
patience is a virtue, my LJ friends.

for now, there's something i want to say that can't wait. though i'm sure you've heard it a thousand times, more than enough for one lifetime, you're about to hear it again... so go ahead and accept that now, and hear me out.


Sure, you're only one vote.
But think of it this way... that vote is YOURS.
Not your parents'... not your roommates'... not your friends'.
Yours and yours alone.
You cannot assume that your one vote won't change anything;
50% of Americans do, resulting in the largest political party in the US...
the Non-Voting Party.

So do your homework.
KNOW who you're voting for.
Then DO IT.

This is your chance to have your voice heard in this crazy country of ours.
So what are you waiting for?
Get out there!
Stand in line for hours, if that's what it takes.
Cast your ballot...
and make a DIFFERENCE.


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'ello there!   
08:37pm 29/06/2004
mood: ecstatic
oh look, she's not dead...

she's just in LONDON!

indeed, this is the main reason for my journaling absence. however, at the prompting of leslie ann and lizzie, among others, i have decided to take a few minutes out of my hectic european schedule and let you know how things have been going!

i've been here for 2 weeks and 2 days as of this evening, and loving every second of it! it's been a flurry of activity over here, and that's not a bad thing... just so much to see and to do! i'm taking my photography class, which in some respects is absolutely fabulous, and then not so much. it's just very TIME CONSUMING. but i love the class, unlike some of my classmates. our tutor is extremely french, sometimes hard to understand, often hard to get along with, potentially a lesbian, and from what we can tell, rarely showers. HOWEVER... thankfully, due to the artistic nature of my chosen profession, and in turn the creative composition of my photographs, she has taken a liking to me. god only knows why. but why kick a gift horse in the mouth? she is incredibly knowledgeable, but also incredibly picky. i've come out with some amazing pictures though, and it's been good to get back into the darkroom aspect of this hobby of mine... i'd forgotten how much i enjoy it! i can't wait to get home and get my hands on a scanner so that you can all SEE the wonderful pictures i've been taking!

i love that i came over here knowing no one, but have already met so many wonderful people. and such a diverse group... it's been wonderful. i'm living in a flat in kensington with 3 other girls... they actually got us a FLAT! it was completely by chance... most people are in the dorms - but we're off campus, with our own kitchen and everything! it's about a 20 minute walk from campus, 10 minutes by tube, but we have our OWN PLACE. it's like living here, instead of just going to school. i really think i could get used to living here. aside from the whole being-really-expensive thing... yeah, have i mentioned that the exchange rate is crap? thank you, bush...

however, despite the trials of maintaining a balanced budget, i have managed to travel around quite a bit. spent my first weekend in paris - left friday the 18th at 6:30am, to return on sunday the 20th around 8ish. what a whirlwind weekend! saw all the sights... eiffel tower, arc de triomphe, notre dame, etc... went to versailles on saturday and got absolutely DRENCHED - needless to say, the weather could have been slightly more accomodating. visited sacre couer, retracing the steps of my dear nino and amelie, and giggling like a fool the entire time... paid a visit to the louvre and the musee d'orsee... and of course, ate my fair share of crepes!

this past weekend was spent touring scotland with torrey and jenny, two of my closest friends that i've made while here. we spent 3 days on a bright yellow mercedes bus with 26 other people racing through the countryside... and scotland is indeed a beautiful place. very green. and hilly. and rocky. quite a few mountains, not so many people... but still a lot of fun. stayed on the isle of skye the first night, and on loch ness the second night... even caught a glimpse of nessie herself! took plenty of pictures... as i have been the whole trip! unfortunately, i'm not quite sure how to upload them from here... usually i put all my pictures on my auburn site, and then post to here, but i'm not sure how to FTP from these computers, if i even CAN... if anyone knows of a picture site that i can post from, feel free to pass it on. most of them put their logo in the bottom corner and stuff, which just gets on my nerves. suggestions?

...not that i have a ton of time... our final project for photography is due friday, so i've been running around taking pictures like a madwoman. and dammitalltohell if they didn't go and have a stupid tube strike from 6:30 tonite until the same time tomorrow... i just hope it doesn't last longer! so as of right now i'm confined to pictures from the closer areas, which is a bit unfortunate. i SHOULD be up in the lab right now developing and such, but truth be told, it makes me a bit nervous to be up there by myself. i actually really enjoy being in the darkroom by myself... as long as i know that others are quite nearby. something about dead silence combined with not being able to see very clearly... it just makes me a bit jumpy. hmm. maybe i'm scared of the dark...

then this coming weekend, jenny, torrey and i are off again, this time to ireland. leaving friday night, returning early tuesday morning. after that, i have the balance of the week to myself, at which point i will be crashing on the floor of whomever decides to be nice enough to allow me to invade their flat... i'm hugely thankful for this extra time in london. since so much of my free time has been consumed with photography, there are still a great many sights i'm wanting to see before i leave! i'm heading back to the states on sunday the 11th... flying into JFK to meet my family and heading straight to connecticut to visit my dad's family, jet lag and all. then home for GOOD on the evening of the 18th. whew. what a long, strange trip it's been, eh?

on that note, i suppose i'm going to head out - it's about 8:45 here, and still light out, thankfully - the sun doesn't go completely away until around 10ish. ordinarily it wouldn't be an issue, but because of the bloody tube strike i don't want to end up stranded - the 20 minute walk is no big deal in daylight, but as it involves several back alleyways and shortcuts, isn't the most ideal for traipsing around in the middle of the night.

i hope EVERYONE is doing splendidly back in the states... i miss you all horribly! i've been doing my best to keep up with you guys as best i can... i'll admit i'm falling behind a great deal, but i suppose that was to be expected, was it not? wishing everyone a safe and happy summer... and i promise, there will be a plethora of pictures upon my return! ::smile::

this world traveler is signing off... much love and big hugs to all!

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12:08am 09/04/2004
mood: grrr.
so tonight, i was trying to make a new journal.

i wanted to do this so that, in addition to this one, i'd have a separate place to post my photography and design stuff without putting it all on here, because i though it would be nice to keep all my artsy-related things in one place... and that worked out fine. hopefully it'll be up soon.

...but somehow in the process of doing that, i changed the info on my profile for THIS journal.
lost all 150 of my interests. they're floating around somewhere out there in the land of things that get deleted whilst on the internet, and i have NO idea what all was on there...

so now i get to start from scratch.

bloody hell.

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here kitty kitty...   
02:59pm 08/04/2004
mood: frustrated
one of my roommates has forbidden everyone in the house to feed the yowling cat(s) that have taken up residence behind our house, because she has decided that depriving these animals of nourishment is the best way to make them shut up and go away.


i am seriously considering hurling fistfuls of tuna out my window into the backyard for the following reasons:
1) i like cats, so it is sort of sad to have one or more of them starving outside my house.
2) if said cat(s) starve to death anywhere near our house, not only will it be sad, it will smell.
3) not feeding the cats has made them shut up and go away.

...and by shut up and go away, i mean wander around our backyard howling at the top of their little kitty lungs intermittently for the LAST TWELVE HOURS.

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a break of the springtime persuasion   
10:56am 31/03/2004
mood: chipper
howie mentioned my lack of entries... time to post!

let's see... to summarize the last few weeks in the life of di:

WORK :: busy-ness abounds... had to get all my design projects finished up before break. the profs kept pushing back deadlines, which as we all know just furthers my tendency to procrastinate.

DESIGN SHOW :: got 6 of my 8 pieces accepted into the juried student design show, which was awesome - no awards this year, which is no big deal... since there wasn't a ton of work in the show to begin with, i was just happy to have pieces IN it at all!

LOGO :: been working on designing a new logo for the city of auburn... if they end up going with my design, they'll be giving me $1000! granted, that's cheap for a logo, but i AM just a student, and that would look amazing on my resume, in my portfolio, etc. 1000 bucks! how nice would THAT be in london this summer?

LONDON :: yes, it's definite :: london this summer, for a WHOLE MONTH! june 11-july 11. applied for my passport day before yesterday, and got my acceptance papers for the program in the mail yesterday, so it's definite! i'll be taking photography at the university of richmond, and i can't WAIT!

AD DESIGN :: designed an ad for the city of auburn, which they loved, so i'm thrilled about that. it was a freelance deal, which they asked me to do after seeing my portfolio for the logo stuff, so that's 400 bucks in my pocket... plus, they paid for me to get my business license, so for the next year, Dianne Beard Design is officially in business!

OTHER STUFF :: yeah, i can't really remember much else that's gone on for me... not MAJOR stuff anyway. i'm sure there were other things i wanted to talk about, but they've escaped me now. ah, well. couldn't have been too important, i guess. now i can stop using these little bullets too, i suppose. aaaaaaand NOW.

ok. done with bullets. so right now i'm on spring break, thank goodness. back in good ole' franklin, just takin' it easy. well, sort of. working on a 3 foot by 3 foot abstract oil painting for the living room for my momma. got the first layer on it on monday, so should be dry enough now that i can do the second layer today. then while that's drying i can work on my logo for auburn, since it's got to be done by the end of next week-ish. had a couple invites to go places for break, but when i'm gone all week, and then i have to cram all my work into the weekend, i tend to come out of it feeling like i had no break at all, which is no fun. plus, i like to visit with the fam. and since i'm trying to conserve funds for london, i figured home was the best option.

but it's not quite all-work-and-no-play for me this week. been shopping with the momma, which is never a bad thing. then last night i got to have dinner at TGIFriday's with a few of the old bumc gang, and then gabe, monica, laudie and i headed up to the saucer... it was trivia night, so it was kinda rowdy for a while, which was fun. then we were joined by justin, belmont's pitcher and a good friend of laudie's... nice guy... not too hard on the eyes, either... um, yeah. meg and harry met us up there, and meg's boy soon followed. good beer and good times were had by all!

well, spose i need to get back to that painting... and the logo... and all that other stuff i've gotta do. man, i love breaks. hope all my fellow tigers are having a marvelous break, and that everyone who's NOT on break is having a wonderful week!

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life lessons   
01:17am 10/03/2004
mood: shocked
ok, note to self:

if a sealed bottle of cheap wine is put in a tub of scalding hot water in the hopes of removing the label, it WILL explode and shoot the cork halfway across the room, filling the bathtub with merlot.

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we're mumbling words with a lazy tongue   
08:37pm 09/03/2004
mood: ecstatic
ok, so i have riDIculous amounts of work i should be doing, but i got home from gospel choir tonite and checked my email, and i just HAD to post this, because, well... it made my month.

:: preface :: i attended the guster concert at WorkPlay in birmingham last wednesday, which was this tiny little venue where iames and i were practically on top of the band... [oh, to be on top of brian rosenworcel... if only. ::sigh::]

...but i digress.
many pictures of the evening are forthcoming, but for now, i just have to show you this.
the first is an email i sent to the guster guys before the concert, and well...
see for yourself!

:: the email i sent them ::Collapse )

bri & di

:: pics of di & the other 2 guster boys ::Collapse )

now, for the REALLY exciting part...

:: the email i received this evening ::Collapse )

hot damn. that boy rocks my face.

that is all.
more later.
now back to work.


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11:52pm 17/02/2004
mood: cheerful
my web design project deadline got postponed yet again...
some things just never get old.
::sigh of contentment::

so, time for an update!
let's see... well, since nothing too major happened last week - at least not that i can remember - we'll just jump forward to the weekend. friday was good - nothing due, since both of those projects had gotten postponed as well... i love when that happens! had a quick gospel choir concert friday evening to open for some guy who was speaking in honor of black history month, and that went well. then i was lucky enough to be paid a visit from iames and adam, who came bearing the new adobe creative suite. hurrah for free software that would otherwise be outrageously priced and completely out of the question for this little design student. and double hurrah for good friends who have access to that software... despite disc 2's inability to perform, even under duress. but hey, if i've lived this long without it, i'll most surely manage - anything i can get is more than i had before, not to mention greatly appreciated!

not long after they left, the boy arrived for the weekend.
...yes, di had a v-day guest.
shocking, i know.

now, don't worry... i have most certainly not forsaken my previous view of the holiday [see last year]. HOWEVER... seeing as he offered to drive down, and swore the visit had nothing to do with this loathed annual celebration, how could i refuse? so meg, i apologize for not making an appearance to sample "love potion #9, but i had a prior engagement...

the weekend was definitely enjoyable... it was spent being thoroughly spoiled, in spite of my protests... which i guess wasn't all that bad... and laid-back weekends spent in good company are always a wonderful thing. went grocery shopping and then cooked dinner saturday night [yep, i COOKED!], and didn't poison anyone that i know of... my roomies helped me out by decorating the dining room while we were cooking... lucky for me, i live with martha stewart and friends, so it looked loverly!

::one more sampling::Collapse )

it was a mah-velous evening...
and hopefully... i know at least on MY part... a mah-velous time was had by all!

had another gospel choir performance sunday at the moses hogan memorial concert - it went REALLY well, and all the groups that performed did an amazing job... i was floored by tuskegee's concert choir - all black, all acapella, all damn good. whew. apparently they practice two and a half hours a day, which accounts for part of it, but at the same time, there's no faking good solid talent and they definitely had it.

since then, it's been nonstop project mode for me... not a BAD thing, just busy! finished linoleum block print #2, and turned in my image II signage project. no rest for the weary... well, until now. yup, i do believe that bed is calling me. ::smile:: hope you're having a great week, and hopefully that update was enough to tide you over for now...

goodnight, moon.

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enchanted vines   
03:50pm 08/02/2004
mood: accomplished
told mom i'd show her these pictures a while back... better late than never, i spose!

this is the wall sconce my parents gave me for christmas, and since the only time they saw it was in the box at home, i thought i'd give them a little peek at how it looks... and this way, everyone can see! isn't it purty?

i cannot take credit for this shot...
this is a picture paul took when he was here of the prism hanging from my ceiling,
but you can see the vines in the background on the right.
i thought it was a cool shot, so i put it up here.

:: click for a couple more pics ::Collapse )

there, now everyone gets a little half-tour of my room...
hope you enjoy!

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i can't feel my legs... I HAVE NO LEGS!   
08:04pm 05/02/2004
mood: sore
you know how i was such a beast for walkin' 6 miles with my roomies?
...um, yeah. i think i may very well have pulled every muscle from my hips down.
for serious.

started yesterday morning with just the back of my left knee, and i'm thinking,
"ok, so i pulled a muscle. that sucks."
riiiiiiight. if only.
by 5:30 i was hobbling home from class, and i spent the better part of last night with anna's heating pad on my ass. and today the shin splints started to kick in. the 7-minute walk to class this morning just about killed me. went with anna this afternoon to the gym, but decided i better stick with working my arms if i want to live to see tomorrow. granted, i probably won't be able to lift my bookbag, and will most likely be forced to bend into some sort of twisty bobcat pretzel in order to get it onto my shoulder... but hey, maybe by then my legs will be better and i can go for another walk.

moral of this story :: if you are a lazy ass and you start out walking six miles, it will come back to bite you in the ass.

...it will probably also gnaw on your calves, and maybe chew your ankles a bit.

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01:17am 04/02/2004
mood: happy
you know, all this pressure to come up with a clever subject line...
i mean really, what is that about?
well, i'm leaving it blank this time. what a rebel i am. ::smile::

so let's see... got my thank you notes finished, so now i can post!
oh, whatever will i do with all this newfound freedom?
i know! since i'm sure you're all dying to know, i'll tell you about my weekend.

:: cut for your reading pleasure ::Collapse )

which brings us to today...
class 9-11:45am, work 12-2, and then walked with court and anna from 2:30ish till about 4:15, or thereabout... and we walked 6 MILES! all over town... a good portion of that uphill... 6 freakin' miles! i mean really... who does that? it was great. seriously, i thought i'd be exhausted, but i guess with all the adrenaline or endorphins or something... i was ready to go! hyper as anything when we got done. couldn't feel my arms, since i was in short sleeves and it was only about 50 degrees tops. not to mention my fingers were so swollen i couldn't even open the back door. it was pretty funny. i think i'm gonna do it again tomorrow.

we figured if we do 2 times that distance, we could walk a half marathon. you think?

and dammitalltohell... ditzy roommate temporarily forgot this evening that you cannot run the dishwasher and the microwave in this house simultaneously - it WILL blow the fuse. thus, with the flipping of switches in the fusebox and such, my power went out while i was at gospel choir, and the VCR i had set up to tape my shows only taped half of one of them. gah. annoying as bloody hell. make fun all you want, but i get cranky when i miss my gilmore girls.

well, spose that's about all for now. i should hope so... this is long enough for one night.
sweet dreams and much love.

sidenote :: would have posted this all about a half hour ago, but just had a random deep conversation with our newest BBH roomie addition, kim. wasn't expecting that this evening. all religious and philosophical and stuff. man. that's good stuff. love it.

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cloodles and gnilleps   
01:52am 31/01/2004
mood: silly
i can't help but love random evenings such as this.
haven't had nearly enough of them recently.
and i'd tell you all about it...
but my mom won't let me.

no, seriously.

tbug53: GOOD!!!

needless to say, haven't quite finished writing thank-you notes for xmas gifts yet.
i know it's almost february. i'm gettin' to it. promise.

projects for tomorrow :: thank you notes, update journal, potential day-trip to ATL...
see momma, it's on my to-do list. work-in-progress.
and speaking of people who need to update their journals...

i'm just sayin'.

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let there be light   
04:00pm 22/01/2004
mood: amused
i love the little tinkling jingle sound that a burned out lightbulb makes when you shake it.

makes me smile.

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