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for howie...

ok, so this is my "real" post...

although it won't be as long as i'd like, because i've got a bit of a cough, and i'm trying to get to bed early tonight. famous last words, coming from the girl with absolutely ZERO self-discipline when it comes to bedtime...

usually 11:30 rolls around, and you'll find me wrestling with my conscience about watching that second rerun of sex and the city on the WB. it's the eternal cycle with me... never want to go to bed, never want to wake up. somehow, late at night, it's so easy to forget how crappy you felt when your alarm woke you a mere 15 or 16 hours earlier, that moment when you were so rudely awakened by "linus and lucy" coming from your cell phone... a song that at any other time of the day would sound delightfully cheery, but somehow, when played at 7:30am, just doesn't quite have the same effect... and you cursed internally and swore that TONIGHT would be the night you'd go to bed at a decent hour. and yet, come 11pm... there you lie, all ready for bed, and somehow unable to drum up the willpower to turn off the television. go figure.

at least that's what i do.

but tonight...
tonight will be the night i do it. really.

i've got some packing to do first... i'm headed home this weekend to go wedding dress shopping! yikes! exciting, huh? and it's the first time i've been. we've been engaged since MARCH, and i still haven't tried on one single dress. well, this weekend, that's all about to change. i've got 2 appointments on saturday, and one place that doesn't require an appointment, and then another place to go on sunday. mom's coming with me, of course... she's been my wedding secretary through all this, so that's been GREAT... and caroline's going to come too! now all i have to do is get myself home tomorrow.

i'm just hoping i can kick this cold/allergy/whatever the hell it is before then... if i continue in the direction i'm currently headed, i'll be out looking at dresses and cough up my lung onto one of them, and then they'll probably make me buy it, and what if it isn't the perfect one? what then?

not to mention the fact that i'll then have lung stain all over the front of my dress, and i'll have to like bedazzle my initials on there to cover it up... which i was SO gonna do anyways... so maybe this cough is a good thing after all.

let's just hope the lung gets coughed onto a dress that's reasonably priced.
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