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at work, and bored...

so why don't we have a little livejournal post?

how has everyone been?

i've been keeping up with all your goings-on for the most part, so at least i know how YOU are. i mean, c'mon, while i'm at work, i check my friends page at least ten [thousand] times a day. not that i don't do any work, mind you. i do plenty of that. i mean hell, it's damn hard work forcing myself to forget everything i have been taught for the last 5 years, while singlehandedly SQUEEZING THE LIFE out of design as we know it. part of my job is actually helping to formulate ads for a website that could eventually put people like me out of work by letting the client piece together their own ads. granted, i do the layouts that go on the site, and in theory it keeps me from having to make menial revisions to the same ads over and over, but there is always SOMETHING going wrong with that damn site. luckily, i've kept myself comfortably distanced from the programming aspect of the site [which is more than i can say for my poor intern]... i swear to god, the minute my boss tries to teach me how to program that site is the minute i start looking for a new job.

...not that the job is bad. my boss is really easy to get along with, and i really like my coworker. [notice the singular. i told you the company was small.] and some days i get to work on fun projects. however, right now, i'm working on generic advertisements for used car dealers. you know the ones... yes, the obnoxious ones. the printed equivalent of local low-budget television commercials.
you see, this is where the killing of design comes into play.

but despite all that, i'm really not unhappy where i am. not that i'm ever really unhappy anywhere, but it could always be worse, right? i came into this with no expectations, so i can't be let down. and i know it's just a first job, and it's not permanent. for now, i'm content. really.

as for the other aspects of my life...
my apartment is still wonderful, and i still really like atlanta, in spite of the fact it's been underwater for the last 2 and a half weeks. the city, not my apartment. luckily vinings seemed to avoid the whole paddling-a-canoe-around-my-second-story-window scenario i caught on the news last week. once it dries up, maybe i'll actually be able to get out and DO something. this weather just makes me want to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a book.
or with a blanket and a barry.

...which i've been able to do anytime i want recently. thanks to circumstances beyond our control, b & i are currently "living in sin" at my apartment. he's working as a teller at suntrust by day, but when night falls, he magically transforms into SUPER AEROSPACE APPLICATION MAN! for serious, if anyone out there knows of ANYONE hiring aerospace engineers, let us know. at least with my profession i get to design my resumé and send it to a human being... apparently all the aerospace companies out there have resorted to the machine method; resumés get submitted through an online form which then goes through a search engine on their end that has a word bank of sorts, and the computer pulls out any resumé with those words. a person never even sees most of them. and apparently, barry's resumé doesn't contain the right words at the moment.

i'm beginning to suspect that the magic word must be something like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, because what the hell?
maybe the magic words are just, "hey, i know joe blow. he works for your company. he knows i'm a good guy. give me a job."

and even IF they ask him to send his transcripts,
most say it will take 4 weeks, six weeks, eight weeks to "process your transcript."
it's ONE PAGE.
hi moron, you could read that forward, backward, upside down, and sideways 5 BILLION TIMES in eight weeks.
i know people are busy and all, but... ONE PAGE!

::sigh:: frustration abounds in that department.

however, if unless he happens to land a job at lockheed in marietta, which would just be too perfect, it will mean he could be moving to god-knows-where, which will mean i will be living in ATL looking for a job wherever that may be, and he will be wherever, and not with me. so for now, i'm just enjoying his company, because it's a hell of a nice contrast with the weekend visit schedule that we've had for the last year plus. i love having him here. i get to see him every day... how lucky am i?

...and i think i'm done journaling for now, because i'm hungry. it IS lunchtime, i suppose.
maybe i'll be able to keep journaling a bit while i'm slacking at work, but i'm not making any promises.
however, i DID enjoy this, though i'll probably be the only one to get enjoyment from it...

so maybe it'll happen again sooner than i think.
...then again, maybe not.

stay tuned...
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