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a break of the springtime persuasion

howie mentioned my lack of entries... time to post!

let's see... to summarize the last few weeks in the life of di:

WORK :: busy-ness abounds... had to get all my design projects finished up before break. the profs kept pushing back deadlines, which as we all know just furthers my tendency to procrastinate.

DESIGN SHOW :: got 6 of my 8 pieces accepted into the juried student design show, which was awesome - no awards this year, which is no big deal... since there wasn't a ton of work in the show to begin with, i was just happy to have pieces IN it at all!

LOGO :: been working on designing a new logo for the city of auburn... if they end up going with my design, they'll be giving me $1000! granted, that's cheap for a logo, but i AM just a student, and that would look amazing on my resume, in my portfolio, etc. 1000 bucks! how nice would THAT be in london this summer?

LONDON :: yes, it's definite :: london this summer, for a WHOLE MONTH! june 11-july 11. applied for my passport day before yesterday, and got my acceptance papers for the program in the mail yesterday, so it's definite! i'll be taking photography at the university of richmond, and i can't WAIT!

AD DESIGN :: designed an ad for the city of auburn, which they loved, so i'm thrilled about that. it was a freelance deal, which they asked me to do after seeing my portfolio for the logo stuff, so that's 400 bucks in my pocket... plus, they paid for me to get my business license, so for the next year, Dianne Beard Design is officially in business!

OTHER STUFF :: yeah, i can't really remember much else that's gone on for me... not MAJOR stuff anyway. i'm sure there were other things i wanted to talk about, but they've escaped me now. ah, well. couldn't have been too important, i guess. now i can stop using these little bullets too, i suppose. aaaaaaand NOW.

ok. done with bullets. so right now i'm on spring break, thank goodness. back in good ole' franklin, just takin' it easy. well, sort of. working on a 3 foot by 3 foot abstract oil painting for the living room for my momma. got the first layer on it on monday, so should be dry enough now that i can do the second layer today. then while that's drying i can work on my logo for auburn, since it's got to be done by the end of next week-ish. had a couple invites to go places for break, but when i'm gone all week, and then i have to cram all my work into the weekend, i tend to come out of it feeling like i had no break at all, which is no fun. plus, i like to visit with the fam. and since i'm trying to conserve funds for london, i figured home was the best option.

but it's not quite all-work-and-no-play for me this week. been shopping with the momma, which is never a bad thing. then last night i got to have dinner at TGIFriday's with a few of the old bumc gang, and then gabe, monica, laudie and i headed up to the saucer... it was trivia night, so it was kinda rowdy for a while, which was fun. then we were joined by justin, belmont's pitcher and a good friend of laudie's... nice guy... not too hard on the eyes, either... um, yeah. meg and harry met us up there, and meg's boy soon followed. good beer and good times were had by all!

well, spose i need to get back to that painting... and the logo... and all that other stuff i've gotta do. man, i love breaks. hope all my fellow tigers are having a marvelous break, and that everyone who's NOT on break is having a wonderful week!
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