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we're mumbling words with a lazy tongue

ok, so i have riDIculous amounts of work i should be doing, but i got home from gospel choir tonite and checked my email, and i just HAD to post this, because, well... it made my month.

:: preface :: i attended the guster concert at WorkPlay in birmingham last wednesday, which was this tiny little venue where iames and i were practically on top of the band... [oh, to be on top of brian rosenworcel... if only. ::sigh::]

...but i digress.
many pictures of the evening are forthcoming, but for now, i just have to show you this.
the first is an email i sent to the guster guys before the concert, and well...
see for yourself!


From: dianne beard < moonbend@mindspring.com >
Date: Mon Mar 1, 2004 10:22:47 PM US/Pacific
To: guster < guster@guster.com >
Subject: Some WORK and some PLAY make dianne a very happy girl

hey there guster boys!

as you MIGHT be able to tell from the epic-length subject line, i will be attending the show at WorkPlay in Birmingham this wednesday, and i cannot wait! this will be my third guster show, and as always i'll be front and center, ping pong balls in hand, ready to rock!

the shows i've been to in the past have both been at the ryman in nashville, and you may actually remember me from the most recent one... i was the silly girl who drove all the way from auburn, alabama - got a SPEEDING TICKET to boot - but it was well worth it! i had backstage passes for before the show, so i was there for the sound check, and then i got to meet you all before the show - if it helps you remember, i was the one with the little sister who played french horn who couldn't be there, so i had you all sign stuff for her. [brian, you also talked to her on the phone later that night, which she STILL hasn't stopped talking about - thanks again for that!] you also helped me and a few of my friends "sneak" upstairs after the show, which was a blast! [for my personal play-by-play of the evening, if you're just really bored and looking for something to read, you can look at my online journal at http://www.livejournal.com/users/moonbend/43478.html - then again, i read YOUR journal all the time, so you could probably suck it up and read mine just this once.]

now brian, i'm going to remind you of something you said to me that night, because i'm sure that after all this time has passed, you've probably forgotten. when i talked to you before the show, you said that since i'd driven 5 hours AND gotten a speeding ticket to be there to see my FAVORITE band, i could have anything i wanted. well, i asked one thing of you... ONE THING... and you couldn't do it for me. i asked you to play "diane" [which in my humble opinion should be spelled with 2 n's, but that's another e-mail]. you said you couldn't do it, because it wasn't on the set list, and you hadn't practiced enough - after the show, you apologized for not playing it...

well, i have a request:
make it up to me. ::smile::

if it would be at ALL possible, could you play "dianne" [some liberty taken with the spelling] for me in Birmingham? once again, i'm driving several hours to see you, and it would make my night!

...if not, i GUESS i'll understand. ::SIGH:: but regardless, since i'm sure you don't remember me, i've been kind enough to include links to pictures of me with you guys to refresh your memory...

bri & di

ry & di

adam & di

so be on the lookout for me...
i'm counting the hours!

much love,
dianne... with 2 n's.

now, for the REALLY exciting part...


From: guster < guster@earthlink.net >
Date: Tue Mar 9, 2004 11:35:31 AM US/Pacific
To: moonbend@mindspring.com
Subject: diane

we played it for you!



hot damn. that boy rocks my face.

that is all.
more later.
now back to work.

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Oh my gosh Dianne that is SOOOOO cool! And they're so cute! How exciting!

Hey are you going to be at the alum reunion on the 20th? Lemme know - I'll be in town to get my run for roses tshirt I ordered...

Hope you are having a great semester!
hehe... thanx missy!
yeah, they ARE pretty cute, aren't they?

don't know about the alum reunion... lord, i haven't participated any AOPi-related activities probably all semester. i know, it's bad. i may go though, just for the heck of it. i dunno... i'll probably decide later. procrastination is my friend.

hope work's goin' well for you... i miss seeing you on my way to class!
kickass... that makes me really happy as well.
'twas a marvelous follow-up to a fabulous show...
for your first live guster experience, it wasn't too shabby, was it?

thanx for letting me share it with you!
no need to thank me for letting you share it with me... i think it should be the other way around.

as far as shows go, it was near the top of my list.. it rocked. and i think it was made all the better by seeing it with such a rabid fan. so... thank you for attending it with me.
well, now that you mention it, i was foaming at the mouth a bit, wasn't i?

what can i say? i love me some guster.
OK...I am soooo jealous!!!! I bet the concert rocked!!!!!
you know it, joey!
this place was maybe a quarter of the size of the ryman.
it was about 12th & porter size.

it was beautiful.
insanely beautiful.
they did jesus on the radio unplugged again.
AND they played diane this time. what more could i ask?
First of all, way to go Dianne.

Dianne wrote this, "oh, to be on top of brian rosenworcel... if only. ::sigh::". And she gave these guys her livejournal address. I wonder if they looked around and saw that quote what they would think. Or, specifically, what Brian would think.

I guess I would be flattered some but mostly surprised or amused. I'm not really sure, but I presume that this sort of thing is not totally out of the ordinary for Brian.

Hey, Brian, if you do read this, leave a post and tell us what you think.



March 10 2004, 09:19:10 UTC 13 years ago

I was thinking along the same lines last night but was too tired to post about it. That alone could be the reason they played "Diane" for her.......who knows. To find an attractive girl that wants to be on top of you can make a guy do many things.

If only Dianne could post something like "oh, to be on top of Mr. A... if only. ::sigh::" HA just kidding....have a great day....Mr. A
Maybe Mr. A is secretly Brian.

Hey, it could happen.
...if only.

hehe... j/k.
haha... well Mr. A, you make me blush, but since i wrote this post AFTER the concert, i'm guessing that's not why they played it. then again, what do i know?
thanx howie!

well, i'm thinking the guy probably has better things to do than read my journal, regardless of whether or not i sent him the site. but even if he DID see it, i guess it wouldn't matter much; he probably gets that all the time.

...i considered offering him sexual favors in exchange for getting me into the show they're playing at emory in april, since it's only open to students and their guests, but decided against it, since i'm not really planning on following through... i may talk big, but i'm a good girl.
you can be a good girl and offer sexual favors without planning to follow through - have you ever read the sweet potato queens' book of love? 'course, then you're labeled a tease. .... but if the guys know what you're up to and you pull it off right, they may just think it's charming.
i have read that book, now that you mention it... i had nearly forgotten that the promise of a sexual act is just as potent as the act itself. what a valuable piece of information that i almost let slip from my grasp - thanks for reminding me!

as for being labeled a tease, i might have been referred to as such at some point... there are plenty of worse things i can think of to be called, i suppose. despite the fact that leading people on is one of my least favorite things to do, i think you're exactly right - if they know, and i'm devastatingly charming about it, it's not so bad, right?

perhaps another e-mail is in order...
Good for you for taking a risk and emailing the band! You got rewarded! In a pretty big way, I might add... I think that was super-cool.
sayrahlynne has returned!

i was so disappointed when you disappeared last time... you had just started posting a bunch, and i was loving what you had to say, and then you were GONE without a trace - so glad to have you back in the land of livejournal!

yeah, i'm such a risk-taker... :D
i'm so glad i did - it WAS super-cool!
can you even compreHEND how much you SUCK?

i can comprehend it of course, but can YOU?!

i am, as of NOW, completely green in the face and jealous beyond all belief.

where are the pics that we took at the OCTOBER concert?

you may suck and you may make my face turn green, but i love you just the same. meg.
hehe... well, if this is wrong, i don't wanna be right!

as for the pictures, those ARE the ones i took at the october concert... didn't i send you yours? if not, lemme know and i'll get them to you ASAP.

much love,

p.s. - i've got spring break the last week of march... wanna get together while i'm home? i'd love to see you - we MUST catch up!
bri and di... LOVE it. on a nickname basis i see. even all the MORE reason for the darker shade of green that now covers my face.

no dear i never got those photos. i would LOVE em when and if you get the chance... and send seth's along too i guess. ill find a way to get those to him.

my spring break is the SAME as yours - we DEFINITELY have to get together. coffee, chit chat, im pumped.

rocks your FACE?? interesting....
good lord. barry vallier.
where the heck have YOU been, stranger? dark hole indeed.
didn't know you still read these things...

yes, rocks my face. world. universe. bed. whatever.
insert any word you wish, he's pretty cool in my book. that's all that means.
you've never heard that? don't know where i picked that phrase up...

anyway, do try to stay out of that hole from now on...
your friends above ground wouldn't mind seeing you in the daylight every once in a while.